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Our Top Picks for June!

If you focus on the good
Did May fly by or is it just me?! We are excited to start the month of June, to spend some time hanging out in the pool, and to really soak up as many hours as possible outdoors.
This month is Father's Day! We are SO grateful for all of those sweet, sweet daddy's and all of the special things they do to help take care of us and our babies. We would be lost without my hubby, that's for sure. This month, take the time to honor the men in your life and recognize the wonderful things they do for you on a regular basis. 
On another note, we can't forget this month's free phone wallpaper. For June, we are focusing on gratitude and positivity. I've been making a conscious effort in my life to try to focus more on the good and less on the "yucky" (as Ellie would call it). Because..."If you focus on the good, the good gets better." 
This month, try your best to really soak in the everyday moments with your family, to cherish the people that you love most and to really buckle down and focus on the things that you are so VERY grateful for. When you focus most of your energy on that, you'd be surprised how easy it is to conquer negative thoughts. Those mundane moments become a little bit sweeter, the "little things in life" become super duper special, and the "good stuff" becomes really, REALLY good. 
Download the lock screen wallpaper here: 
focus on the good
Download the Home Screen wallpaper here: 
home screen wallpaper for our top picks for the month of June! 
--Delicious Corn Salad Recipe: This is SO STINKING GOOD! I stumbled on this recipe last year and it was a huge hit. My mom and I both whip this up for almost every single party we have and we also serve it with dinner at least twice a month. It's so easy to throw together on a weeknight with turkey burgers or grilled chicken. It's definitely on my go-to recipe list all summer long. 
--Smartypants Vitamins: These are, hands-down, my favorite vitamins on the planet! I have never consistently taken vitamins because I either forget or I gag. I am currently on my 14th bottle of these (that should speak for itself haha). I take the prenatal variety and Ellie takes the toddler version. YUM! 
--Frill Sleeve Top & Blue Play Shorts: This outfit combination has been worn more than any other in our shop so far and we've only had a few weeks of warmth! It's so comfortable and stylish. It's great for the playground, road trips, or even hours on an airplane with the comfy elastic band and super soft material. 
--Lands End Bathing Suits: I just got this bathing suit this week and it's PERFECT! I've consistently worn this style since giving birth to Ellie and I always feel so comfortable in it. It covers the tummy area so you don't have to worry and still allows you to feel stylish. I've owned my first suit for three years of CONSTANT wear in the summer and on vacation. There isn't any piling or dry rot and the material still feels like new. I also have this style stashed away for vacation. I can't recommend Lands End enough for women (especially those of us that have already had kids). 
--The Life-Giving Home Book: This is by my bed for a reason. I flip through it often for ideas or just to be inspired. I adore both Sally and Sarah Clarkson and the things that they value most. If you are always looking for ways to make your home a place where your family WANTS to be, this is a great read. 
--Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner: This recipe is great! We use vinegar like crazy to clean our home, but the smell can sometimes be a little overwhelming. I ran across this recipe and my mom and I are currently filling up our mason jars with lemon, orange and clementine peels. You don't have to strictly use oranges! 
That's a wrap for the month of June! We hope you enjoy all of these things as much as we do. Remember, we aren't affiliates for any of the above items, we just simply enjoy each of them in our own home. I really love learning about new recipes, good books, and comfy outfits for kids so if you have anything you SWEAR by this summer, comment below and let us know so we can consider adding it to our rotation! 
Wishing you a June filled with lots of sunshine, plenty of cookouts, and some waterlogged babes. 
Until next time!

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